vue-mobile - V0.1.1

An UI Framework build with Vue.js

vue-mobile is in development now, V0.1.1 version has been released at 2016-10-23

Click http://demo.getvum.com/#!/ or scan vcode to see live demos:

What is?

vue-mobile is an UI Framework build with Vue.js for SPA:

  • Full Page Structure - header, content, footer
  • Page transition support by vue-router
  • Bunch of Powerful Components, easy to use and extend
  • high performance CSS3 Animation
  • 1px border for all components - as well as round border
  • Write with Vue - the most important

Source Code

Vum is published under MIT liscense.

Source code: https://github.com/lihongxun945/vum

The source code of this website : https://github.com/lihongxun945/vum-website


The css style of components comes from:

And vui-mobile could never be completed without these:

This website is powered by hexo

Stay In Touch

Please make sure that you have some knowledge about vue.js before join QQ group:

  • QQ Group: 581532614